Services 服務

Mediate+ provides mediation services on all civil matters.

Types of civil disputes:

  • –Contracts, debts and financial disputes
  • –Business, corporate and commercial claims
  • –Wills and estates
  • –Landlord and tenant disputes
  • –Real estate and construction
  • –Employment, wrongful dismissal and workplace conflict
  • –Personal injury
  • Disputes between neighbors
  • Land compulsory sale cases

Seminars and trainings on mediation and conflict resolution will be provided by Mediate+ upon appointments.




  • –合約、債務、財務糾紛
  • 商業合約、公司索償
  • –遺囑事宜、遺產分配糾紛
  • 土地租務糾紛
  • 房地產、建築糾紛
  • 勞資糾紛
  • 人身傷害
  • 鄰舍糾紛
  • 強制拍賣案件

Mediate+ 亦提供各項調解及衝突處理講座及訓練。