Why Mediation? 為何調解?

When a dispute occurs, we tend to think about who is right and who is wrong. We concern very much what legal rights we have in the matter.   When negotiation between the parties fails, people will usually get lawyer’s advice and take the matter to the court.

Traditional court system is good, but the process can sometimes be lengthy, costly and stressful.  The parties have little control about the process and outcome.   We would suggest people to try MEDIATION first, before the matter gets worse and a lot of costs have to be spent on court procedures.


Mediation is quick and cost efficient. It is a structured, yet flexible, dispute resolution process.  It allows people to discuss the issues in dispute and find an acceptable solution with the help of a trained, neutral and independent mediator.  It is also private and confidential.  This way of communication between the parties may also preserve their relationship.

Mediation is flexible. Time and place to meet are decided by the parties.  It can be used no matter whether the parties have engaged a lawyer.  It can be conducted even after an action has been commenced in court.

It’s worthwhile to give it a try.







A blog post by Yeda Hong on MediateBC website.